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Green Movers of America is a nationwide moving company that is always ready to give you a hand of help in long-distance moving. With years of good reputation behind we are ready to provide you with reliable and high-quality services of a wide range.

We are eager to reduce your pain in the neck and make your cross-country moving well-organized and not overloading for you. We will take care of fragile pieces furniture and precious memories you need to move and try to preserve your sweet-home environment from all possible damages and destructions. With Green Movers of America you will control every moment of your moving without any fidgeting and mess. Let us bother, let yourself enjoy.

Reasons to work with us:

No underwater stones on the pricelist!

No additional fees, cheques, hidden charges or extra payments! We are open and honest from the very first to the very last moment of the cooperation. You face the total price of our services before we set to work, that is why you do not have to worry about some extras during the moving, such as gas, packing, parking. All spending are considered and discussed beforehand, therefore no financial worries are left to you.

All your stuff will be safe and sound!

Green Movers of America is a well-qualified and talented group of professionals who are able and move all of your belongings without any damages. Specially trained workers will wrap up and pack items to ensure their safety on the way to your new home. We will provide you with various types of packaging such as different types of packing boxes, bubble wrap, Styrofoam, moving blankets, etc.  Even wooden boxes are fixed up at the place of moving by our carpenters to protect larger stuff. Moreover, we use registration system including barcodes, that helps our team to put all the boxes in the right place and exclude any loss or damage of your belongings.

Cosmic service around America!

Our company can help you to relocate your place of living from the busy city centre and find your own paradise in the countryside or vice versa – we are able to wake you up from the peaceful country landscape and help to settle down in the big city fuss. With Green Movers of America you will move your place within one eyeblink. We promise to protect your belongings and your health with doing all the dirty work for you. With no extra charges, no damages, no discomforts and worries. We are ready to be there with you and help you to make your home better place!