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Moving is often stressful and tiresome experience. But the worries and difficulties double when it comes to corporate relocation. Green Movers of America are here to make both sides satisfied, the employer as well as the employee. We are ready to find reasonable solution at affordable rates to make corporate relocation as easy as possible.

Organized, qualified, successful

When a client needs to move his home due to his job circumstances, it can be unpredictable so he doesn`t know where to start. Therefore, we offer you a talented, well-qualified moving coordinator who will make everything for you. After he or she examines your moving needs and conditions thoroughly and you discuss and agree on all the details, your moving coordinator will create a moving plan to ensure you in your successful relocation. You will get your pricelist and rates beforehand without any additional bills later. This is how we provide you with the financial stability.

Corporate relocation services

No matter if it is a long-distance move or you relocate your home to the next-door house, we offer full pack of services for any distance. Moreover, if you are moving not farther than 500 miles and eager to start your new job right now, Green Movers of America suggests you same day or next day moving service. Even if it is faster than regular moving, the quality is still high, hence we value our reputation and clients` opinions.

Before we set to work, we agree on all the minor details beforehand and discuss the rates of the moving. As the rates are announced we have no right and need to add any extra charges or bills, due to previous discussions.

Furniture packing and transportation is a matter of art for us. Our team of well-qualified fully-tooled workers will pack all your staff professionally: from the smallest fragile statues to large antique furniture. We often use double wrap in packing when it is needed with no extra charge for it. We are ruled by the following principle “Everything important to our clients are of double importance to us.” Green Movers of America team do not only pack and move your belongings, we can unpack and help you with placing and setting up all the furniture. So, you can faster enjoy the coziness of your new home. Moreover, we don`t require to empty all the drawers and cupboards, you just need to warn us about any fragile and unfixed things inside.

Remember, you are the first we carry about. Let us take your burden off and make your moving delightful.