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Big distance doesn`t mean big problems

Interstate moving often seems too expensive and too dangerous plan to fulfil. Your thoughts are always busy hurling around the idea that something may get damaged or lost on the long journey. You can feel the shiver along your spine when you consider all emergencies and extras on the way to new home that will be noted down in your pricelist in the end.
Green Movers of America company offers to save your time, money and health, reduce your stress and increase your joy of moving.

People often find it difficult to organize and overthink every step of the moving properly and finally, try to fix all minor difficulties coming out into a big disaster. Therefore, our well-qualified team is here to solve your problems and make your moving easy and painless. We are well-equipped, highly-qualified and experienced company you can always rely on.

Over the years of practice and perfection we have developed the best techniques and tools for long-distance moving. We are able and ready to control and perform all the process according to set terms of the cooperation. Here are some services we suggest.

Safe and sound

Green Movers of America team pays great attention to packing before moving. Actually, we believe that packing is literally half of the case or even more. We care a lot to prevent your belongings from any damage or destruction. And proper packing is the definite way for your stuff to reach the distance. Using individual approach to every situation, we use appropriate packing taking into account fragility, size and value of your belongings. We often use double wrapping and protective wooden boxes to minimize possible damages during different accidents. It is our job to ensure safety of your stuff in any situation.


Being of primary importance, packing is a whole well-controlled process. We organize not only packing itself, it is our responsibility to fix everything properly in containers and on shelves to prevent your belongings from sliding from one side to another in the moving truck during the long-distance journey. Arranging moving trucks for you we are very attentive to all the details: every item should be labelled, settled and fixed on its proper place and delivered to its destination on set time.

Unique way out

Green Movers of America offers you a complete set of services that will simplify your moving as much as possible. Our offers are especially helpful for people who live alone or in couples and are physically unable to cope without any help. So here we are to save your moving day. We offer the quote beforehand which includes all the spending’s such as gas, insurance, parking fees, etc.

Our secret of success is in our personal attitude to clients.

Do not hesitate, if you have a question to answer or problem to solve call us now!