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Qualitative packing is the first and one of the most important steps to successful moving. Both interstate and local moving require a great attention and care while packing your belongings. Missing some minor details in packing may result in damaged and destroyed staff on the way to your new home. To simplify your moving and reduce your headaches let us do what we do best, and your belongings will be delivered safe and sound to their destination. You will be pleased by our professionalism, specialized packing services and reasonable price.

The reason to choose us

Green Movers of America is a nationwide successful moving company which are here to help you to move without any turbulence. It is our primarily aim to make our client satisfied with the moving without any inconveniences. You have a great opportunity to enjoy our full-service packing or choose partial packing option if you want.

Having years of experience and perfection behind, we offer you well-qualified team of professionals who can pack all your staff in a proper way, that even in case of any minor accident it won`t be damaged. We use individual approach to packing different items, such as double wrap for fragile things, wooden boxes for large furniture, specialized packing for electronic devices, etc. Our professional help will ensure the safety of your most precious and valuable belongings.

With Green Movers of America your packing and moving either to next-door house or to another end of the country will be as painless and safe as possible. Let us do our job, leave the time for more important things!

The reason we choose you

We are always eager to help you with packing or moving. It doesn`t matter whether you choose full-service packing or the partial one, we do our best to ensure the safety of your staff.

If you decide on full-service packing, our well-qualified and full-equipped team is there to help you with all kinds of professional packing. We inspect all the items to be moved, highlight and agree on all importance and details, discuss the price with you and then we are ready to start qualitative packing. Using individual approach, we pack every fragile, valuable and large item with a great care. High-quality packing and professional team will ensure safety of your staff.

If you are almost through packing on your own but get stuck on covering something too big or hesitate about safe packing of some fragile item, call us and we will be there to help you. You will definitely save your money, time and belongings from the smallest damage. Call us now and let us make your moving and packing safe and easy.