I am a very organised person and prefer to plan everything beforehand. Therefore, it was a pleasure to realise that the company suggest not only physical man power, you get a great experience of cooperation with wise and creative people. They work according to set terms, fixed quotes and well-organised plan. These are a few reasons they are the best.
I have to move a lot, since my business requires it.  Over several previous years I have lost half of my belongings during the moving. Then I decided to call Green Movers of America and my life changed. Now I can be back from work to my again-new home and be happy and calm that everything is already done for me.
Last summer I faced the problem I thought I could never solve. I had to move out of my flat immediately and my friend asked me to join her on the holiday trip on the very day of moving. I have chosen Green Movers of America and I have never regretted about it. They helped me to move out as fast as possible and stored my belongings until I was back from my trip and was ready to move in.
I am the owner of two wonderful Labradors. So, when it came to moving to another state, I was worried and embarrassed about taking my beloved pets to their new home. I was surprised at professionalism of the company workers. They were always calm and ready to give advice or a hand of help. For one moment I thought they had some vet qualifications, so calm and safe my dogs were.
I have got a big collection of antiques. When it got to moving, I was really frightened that I can lose something precious. I was ready to make a list, label everything and control the whole process. But with the Green Movers of America team I could relax and focus on some other things, since I realized they are the people I can rely on.