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Either local or interstate moving can bring a bunch of problems when there nobody to help you. One of the biggest difficulties you can face when moving is storing some extra belongings.

Being one of the best and successful moving company,
Green Movers of America offers clients convenient and secure space to store things as long as you need before you find some resolution to them. We understand that both interstate and local moving may be caused by certain financial reason when the only way out is a smaller accommodation. Therefore, we offer moving and storing your extra staff for reasonable price, until you are ready to take it away permanently.

We are ready to reduce your stress with professional moving and storing, since your belongings will be safe and sound without any loss or damage. It doesn`t matter if it is long- or short-term storage, we offer services of high quality in any case. We are fully-equipped and well-qualified to ensure safety of your staff both during the moving and storage.

Full-service facilities

We offer full-service storage facilities to simplify your moving as much as possible. We control and assist all the process of moving, so you have no reason to worry but you can watch and enjoy our cooperation. Your active participation is needed beforehand to agree on some details. You have opportunity to discuss packing details, highlight some important items and choose from the different-sized storage spaces. It is a great pleasure for us to meet all your needs and expectations.


The most important point which leads to our successful cooperation with clients is a great sense of responsibility for clients` belongings. We take a great care of your staff not only on the way to your new home but in storage facilities primarily. Green Movers of America company offers you complete safety and reliability. No loss, no damage, no steal. The facility is inspected and guarded day and night. Our security guards provide you with total control system which enables to store your most precious and valuable belongings. We offer you private rooms to unload and check your staff in privacy. Moreover, you have the opportunity to control everything by yourself managing the barcode checklist and photo inventory. You can always have free access to take away any item individually. We do our best to justify the trust laid on us and simplify your moving and storing. Rely on us and you will never regret!